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Sunday, January 07, 2007

6 A side indoor Cricket Rules (ECB)

Found this on the ECB website. If we ever get up to maybe 10 of us for a practice session or even 12 we could give this a go. Have a read it's a far better way to play than what we were doing and includes the chance to score runs between wickets and sounds as though it wouldn't take much longer than an hour maybe hour and half?

Playing Conditions
1 Laws
The Laws of Cricket (2000 code 2nd Edition - 2003) shall
apply with the exception of the following playing
1.1 Teams shall consist of six players each.
1.2 Each match shall consist of one innings per team.
1.3 Each innings shall consist of a maximum of 12 six
ball overs.
1.4 No more than 3 overs shall be bowled by any individual.
In calculating each individual's accrued number of overs,
part of an over shall be deemed as a full over.
1.5 There shall be a 10 minute interval between innings.
1.6 Two batsmen shall be at the wicket at all times during an
innings. In the event of a team losing five wickets within
the permitted 12 overs, the last man shall continue
batting with the fifth man out remaining at the wicket as
a non-striker.
1.7 When a batsman reaches or passes a personal total of
25 he shall retire, but may return to the crease on the
departure of the fifth batsman. Retired batsmen must
return in order of their retirement and take the place of
the retiring or dismissed batsman. Two 'live' batsmen
shall be at the wicket until such time as the fifth wicket
has fallen. The batsman shall retire again when he scores
an additional 25 runs on his return to the crease unless
he is the last remaining batsman, in which case he can
complete his innings.
1.8 If the ball passes, or would have passed, above shoulder
height of the batsman standing upright at the crease, the
umpire at the bowler's end shall call and signal 'No Ball'.
If any venue uses only a half-mat, any ball not pitching
on the mat shall be called a 'No Ball'.
Indoor Six-a-Side Club Cricket Championship
1.9 Law 25.1 - Wide Ball - Judging a Wide
Please refer to Generic Playing Condition 7.
2 Results
The team scoring the most runs in its innings shall be the
winner. If the scores of both teams are equal, then the
team taking the greater number of wickets shall be the
winner. If the teams are still equal, a 'bowl out' contest
will be held to achieve a winner. Please refer to Generic
Playing Condition 9. If circumstances make the contest
impossible, the match shall be decided by the toss of
a coin.
3 Scoring
The scoring for Indoor Cricket shall take place as follows:
3.1 A ball struck to hit the boundary wall behind the bowler
without touching the floor or any other wall or ceiling
shall count boundary 6 runs. If, however, the ball touches
the floor but does not touch any of the other walls or the
ceiling and hits the boundary wall, then it shall count as
boundary 4 runs.
3.1.1 Before the toss, the umpires shall agree with both
captains the exact interpretation of 'boundary wall',
'ceiling', 'side wall' and 'back wall'.
3.1.2 If a ball is struck into an open gallery along a wall that is
not a boundary wall, the ball becomes dead and the
striker is credited with 1 run.
3.2 A ball struck to hit the ceiling or one or more of the side
or back walls shall count 1 run, even if the ball
subsequently hits the boundary wall in which case it
remains in play. 2 additional runs shall be scored if the
batsmen complete a run (if the ball is struck to hit the
ceiling or side or back wall and a batsman is then run out
1 run shall be scored).
3.3 2 runs shall be scored if the striker plays the ball and it
does not hit a wall and the batsmen complete a run.
3.4 A Bye shall count as 1 extra if the ball hits a wall
(including the boundary wall); a leg-bye shall count as
1 extra if the ball hits a wall (including the boundary wall).
In each case if the batsmen complete a run 2 additional
extras shall be scored.
3.5 2 Byes or 2 leg-byes shall be scored if the batsmen
complete a run without the ball hitting a wall.
3.6 No Ball
3.6.1 A No Ball shall score 1 penalty run, recorded as a No Ball
extra, in addition to any other runs scored under 3.6.2.
and 3.6.3.
3.6.2. From a No Ball struck by the batsman, runs scored as in
Scoring Regulations 3.1., 3.2. and 3.3. shall be
accredited to the striker. If the Batsmen do not run and
the ball does not touch any wall or ceiling, then just the
penalty shall be scored.
3.6.3. From a No Ball not struck by the batsman, or from one
striking his person when he is trying to avoid being hit by
the ball, runs shall be scored as in Scoring Regulations
3.1., 3.2. and 3.3.; these shall be credited as No
Ball extras.
3.7 Wide
3.7.1 A Wide Ball shall score 1 penalty run, recorded as a Wide
extra, in addition to any other runs scored under 3.7.2
and 3.7.3.
3.7.2 If a Wide Ball is called and the ball goes on to hit the
ceiling or any wall, then 1 run shall be credited under
extras; 2 additional runs shall be credited under extras
every time the batsmen complete a run.
3.7.3 If a Wide Ball is called but it does not hit the ceiling or
any wall, 2 runs shall be credited under extras for every
run completed by the batsmen.
Indoor Six-a-Side Club Cricket Championship
3.8 An overthrow hitting any wall or walls shall count as only
1 run to the batsman or to the total of extras as
appropriate. Additional overthrows can only ensue from
each additional throw which goes on to hit a wall or walls
(the batsmen shall not change ends).
3.9 If in the opinion of the umpire the ball becomes lodged in
netting or in any obstacle then the umpire shall call and
signal 'dead ball' and award 1 run. The batsmen shall
return to their original ends.
4 Methods of dismissal
Apart from the normal methods of dismissal contained in
the Laws of Cricket, the following variations shall apply:
4.1 The batsman shall be caught out by a fieldsman after the
ball has hit the ceiling, the netting or any wall except
directly from the boundary wall, provided the ball has not
touched the floor.
4.2 The last not-out batsman shall be given out if the nonstriker
running with him is given out.
4.3 The batsman or the non-striker shall be given not out if
the ball rebounds from a wall or ceiling and hits a wicket
without being touched by a fieldsman.

Check out my other blog here - this is all about Leg-spin bowling and nothing else. Double click on the image below.
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